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6755 Lainhart Road
Altamont, NY, 12009
United States


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Michael Lainhart

CEO/COO/Master Grower




Aleksandr Lensky

Chief Sales Marketing Officer




Michael Campione

Field Operations Manager



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Who we are

Lainhart Farms LLC is an Altamont, New York based agricultural company focused on growing, harvesting, and processing hops for both wholesale and retail markets. The primary goal of this company is to establish a well known, loyal brand of hops for craft beer production by breweries in New York State, as well as homebrewers seeking hops for micro-brewing.

Our Plans

Beginning in 2018, Lainhart Farms LLC will be establishing an 8-acre hops field growing approximately 14,400 plants. After researching which variations will produce the highest quality hops, Lainhart Farms LLC will plant at least 10 different variations of hops in 2018. As our plants begin to mature, we will seek to sell our products within both wholesale and retail markets. We hope to focus on building the NYS Craft Beer and Hops Industries as well as marketing our products nationwide.  

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